Happy Hour Spotlight: Burntwood Tavern (Brecksville)

Happy Hour Spotlight: Burntwood Tavern (Brecksville)

Burntwood Tavern | 8188 Brecksville Road | Brecksville, OH

Credit: burntwoodtavern.com

Located centrally in Brecksville, Burntwood Tavern occupies the space formerly known as Old Spanish Tavern, Seared, Hunter’s Pub and other failed eateries. Fortunately, Burntwood Tavern has found more success than its predecessors, serving as a staple in Brecksville since 2010. The building itself is unique and spacious with a rustic vibe, offering two levels of dining, beautiful chandeliers, glass-blown light fixtures, a copper-top bar, a stone fireplace, a leather couch and a covered patio overlooking Brecksville Road.

Food and Drink
There are specials galore at Burntwood for happy hour.

Credit: burntwoodtavern.com

There are 13 appetizers to choose from, including beef and chicken sliders, calamari, tater tots, quesadillas and buffalo chicken nachos. The discounted appetizers—which are good portions—range from $4.50 – $6, while flatbreads average $6.

The bottled beers are staples such as Bud Light, Miller Lite and Stella Artois. Drafts (or draughts) include seasonal selections from Dogfish, Great Lakes and Market Garden; Coors Light; Blue Moon; and my personal favorite, Brendewode. An impressive range of signature drinks are on the happy hour menu, including a Moscow mule (in a copper mug—thank you Burntwood), a watermelon Collins and a margarita sangria.

Sounds great, right? I thought so too. Don’t get me wrong, by no means is Burntwood bad. Far from it. It’s just that it has the potential to be so much better! The problem with the restaurant in general—this includes happy hour—is its inconsistency. The quality of the food is hit or miss. My guests and I have been dissatisfied with the flatbreads on our last three visits, as they’ve had a cardboard-like texture and been devoid of flavor. Similarly, the calamari has been bland and lacking in tenderness. That said, there are standouts on the menu. The tavern tots are consistently delicious and the chicken sliders have yet to disappoint.

Credit: burntwoodtavern.com

The best part of Burntwood’s happy hour is that it’s offered from 3 – 6 p.m. seven days a week and can be ordered from anywhere in the restaurant. I don’t know of many restaurants that can say the same. I’ve received excellent service every time I’ve visited, though I must say I’ve waited over 35 minutes for appetizers on my last two visits. Perhaps there are some kinks being worked out in the kitchen. I recommend becoming a rewards member as well—you can read about the benefits of doing so here.

Rating Scale & Verdict
🍷 🍷=Average 🍷🍷🍷=Good 🍷🍷🍷🍷=Excellent

🍷🍷🍷 Burntwood Tavern’s happy hour has a lot going for it—tremendous value, selection and atmosphere. Where it’s lacking is consistency of food. At least you can’t go wrong with the drinks. Cheers!

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