Happy Hour Spotlight: Olesia’s Place

Olesia’s Place | 11204 Royalton Rd. | North Royalton, OH

Credit: John Petkovic, cleveland.com

I’m starting to notice a theme with these posts: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Olesia’s Place—which sits atop a hill in front of a Shearer Equipment building—resides in an industrial strip along Route 82 in North Royalton. Nothing fancy, right? Step through the doors, though, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Olesia’s is sleek, sophisticated and contemporary, all while maintaining its Old World charm; that alone is no small feat. Adorned with stone walls, an indoor-outdoor patio, a fireplace, floor-to-ceiling (and roof) glass windows, a chic bar and an actual knight, I felt like I was on East 4th Street rather than a nondescript business district in a southern suburb.

A portion of Olesia’s stylish dining area

Food and Drink
Olesia’s specializes in American Ukrainian cuisine. The food is fresh, hearty and authentic. The restaurant’s happy hour menu is generous, with 11 options to choose from. Prices range from $5 to $8. My mom and I stopped by earlier in the week for a quick bite and beverage.

The happy hour menu provides great value.

I ordered the potato pierogies and was delighted with my selection. Accompanied by sour cream and topped with a sauerkraut slaw, the dish was soft, fresh and savory.

Olesia’s serves authentic pierogies.

My mom enjoyed the sauerkraut (I spell it differently than Olesia’s!) and kielbasa. The portions were generous and the presentation was first-rate. The meat—set atop a heap of mouthwatering sauerkraut—was crispy and tender while maintaining its natural flavor. An added bonus … homemade bread and butter is given to all diners!

Olesia’s sauerkraut and kielbasa

With food this good, it would be easy to overlook the beverages. Let’s not make that mistake! Olesia’s has 12 offerings on special, including $2.50 domestic bottles of beer, $4 1/2 L beers (huge), $4.50 house wines, $6 specialty cocktails and a $7 beet vodka martini.

I told you the .5 L beers were huge!

My mom and I both enjoyed a .5 L Ukrainian beer—the Obolon lager. It was easy-to-drink, poured gold and had a clean finish. Moreover, it served as a nice accompaniment to our heavy Eastern European meals.

What to drink? What to drink? So many choices.

Olesia’s Place is not long for North Royalton. After seven years in the current space, they’ll be relocating to the former Taverne of Richfield building, likely in October. Because of this, their hours are in flux—call the restaurant (440.877.9054) for the latest updates. At last check, Olesia’s is open Monday through Saturday, with happy hour offered from 2:30 – 6 p.m and all day Tuesday (anywhere in the restaurant). The service during my visit was impeccable. Ample parking is available in a lot behind the building.

The indoor patio courtesy of @OlesiasPlace on Facebook.

Rating Scale & Verdict
🍷 🍷=Average 🍷🍷🍷=Good 🍷🍷🍷🍷=Excellent

🍷🍷🍷🍷 My visit to Olesia’s Place was tremendous. The restaurant serves up Old World cuisine done right. Add in the unique, contemporary setting and we have ourselves a winner. Whether it’s in North Royalton or Richfield, Olesia’s Place will be seeing a lot more of me. Cheers!

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