Fast-casual dining in the suburbs: Brown Bag Burgers

Brown Bag Burgers | 25853 Brook Park Rd| North Olmsted, OH

Brown Bag Burgers is near Great Northern Mall.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Most of my wardrobe is from Dillard’s. Anytime they have a clearance sale, I pounce. Now, I know what you’re thinking—clearance … really? Trust me, it’s not what you think. Dillard’s clearance sales feature high-quality (and mostly still in style) items at prices that are shockingly low. I’m talking prices that are—in many instances—lower than Walmart. I’m getting all excited hyping up Dillard’s—I’ll have to blog about them in the future.

So, why am I going on and on about Dillard’s? It’s because I was at their North Olmsted location last Saturday with my mom. After our shopping adventure, we were hungry. With lots of options to choose from, we decided to drop by Brown Bag Burgers in Great Northern Plaza.

Brown Bag Betty is a staple at the restaurant.

Brown Bag Burgers is a local chain specializing in fast-casual dining, with an emphasis on fresh burgers—build your own and specialties. Other menu items include fresh-cut fries, soups, salads, shakes, grilled cheese, hot dogs, BLTs and chicken tenders.

A shot of the inside

Upon entering, I was impressed with the atmosphere and decor. The restaurant sports a country theme and is adorned with bright murals/paintings and hilarious signs. Oh, and get this … they offer free peanuts!

My mom ordered a kids meal—kudos to Brown Bag for letting her—which included a build-your-own burger, a salad and a drink. She enjoyed her salad, notably the sizable portion and fresh diced tomatoes. Her favorite part of the burger was the egg bun, and she was delighted that the restaurant offered relish. Apparently a lot of places don’t—who knew?

Since I’m trying to become a vegetarian—trying being the operative word—I ordered the Brown Bag Original with a veggie patty. It was outstanding. I have a habit of eating too quickly, so I made sure to slow down and savor every bite. The burger was fresh, juicy, flavorful and perfectly seasoned. I can’t believe I’m going to say this … but … gasp … it was better than Swensons’ veggie burger.

Brown Bag’s prices are on par with other fast-casual spots in the area. The service was solid on our visit. We waited less than 10 minutes for our food and lots of employees walked around the restaurant to make sure everything was clean and in order.

The kitchen … everything is made to order

I usually go to the Dillard’s at Summit Mall when there are clearance sales. Because of Brown Bag Burgers, I may have to start frequenting Great Northern more often. Cheers!

Coming Tuesday: Another discount dining adventure—read all about happy hour at Ken Stewart’s Lodge in Bath.

Coming Wednesday: It’s looking like a busy weekend in Greater Cleveland. We’ll preview some food and drink events happening in the area.

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