Italian Food in the ‘Burbs: Eddie’s Pizzeria Cerino

Eddie’s Pizzeria Cerino | 7305 Broadview Rd. | Seven Hills, OH

Do you have any restaurants that you take for granted? I do. Let me explain.

I frequently get asked for restaurant recommendations. Despite having a blog that covers tons of local establishments, I often stammer through my responses. How is that possible, you ask?

Pizzeria sits on Broadview Rd. near Pleasant Valley Rd.

Well, it’s kind of a loaded question. My recommendations depend on how much people want to spend, what part of town they’re in, the kind of food they want, etc.

Valentine’s Day at Pizzeria Cerino

So, based on the answers to those questions, I’ll provide a few of my picks. Inevitably, the person will thank me. Then, many times, their next question will be: “What about Pizzeria Cerino? Is that place any good?”

Ah, Pizzeria Cerino. Considering I’ve been a regular there since I moved back from Columbus 11 years ago, I’d say yes, it is indeed good … which leads me back to my original question.

Pizzeria Cerino sports a contemporary atmosphere.

Pizzeria Cerino is the restaurant I take for granted. I always forget to mention it in my recommendations. Heck, I assumed I had already blogged about it. Turns out I hadn’t. No more. I’ve seen the error of my ways.

Side note: Owner Eddie Cerino is the grandson of Carrie Cerino, founder of Carrie Cerino’s in North Royalton, which, sadly, just announced its closing after 57 years in business.

Tiffany and I recently visited the Seven Hills staple on Valentine’s Day. Throwing caution to the wind, we showed up without a reservation (on a Friday evening, no less). The wait for two was 45 minutes, so you know what that means—time to stake out seats at the bar.

The restaurant offers a glimpse into the kitchen.

After about 15 minutes, two spots opened. We pounced, and it was off to the races.

On this night, we split a large pizza, half-cheese and half-banana peppers. The side with banana peppers suffered from uneven cheese distribution, but overall the pie was solid. The crust was light and crunchy, and the pizza’s texture was excellent. I was a big fan of the sauce too, as I suspect it was homemade from imported tomatoes. Side note #2: I enjoyed the complimentary focaccia bread that was provided prior to the main course.

We forgot to take a picture of the pizza when it first came out.

I indulged in a few greyhounds (vodka and grapefruit juice) during our meal. Hey, what can I say—it was Friday night and Valentine’s Day. Safe to say, our bartender Kelsey—one of my favorites—didn’t skimp on the liquor. No complaints here!

Since I’ve been to the restaurant at least 40 times, I feel obliged to list some of my favorite dishes. In no particular order, they include: parmesan zucchini planks, chicken Sorrento, lemon chicken, baked ravioli and eggplant parm Bolognese.

A look behind the bar

Cerino’s offers full and half versions of salads and pastas. Kudos to the restaurant, as this gives diners a way to control prices and portion sizes. Lest you think otherwise, Cerino’s doesn’t skimp on its half orders—they’re more than enough to satisfy most hungry diners.

Let’s not forget about happy hour. Available anywhere in the restaurant Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m., there are significant savings on food and drink to be had.

Drink specials include $3 house wines, $4 drafts, $5 cocktails and $6 martinis. Appetizers like meatball sliders, zucchini planks, mussels, stuffed peppers and calamari are $6. Also of note: bottles of wine are half price on Sundays.

A portion of the bar/lounge

The atmosphere at Cerino’s is casual contemporary. They feature a full-size bar/lounge, exposed brick walls and modern Cleveland art that is available for purchase.

For me, the service is usually excellent. Except for one person, everyone has always been friendly and professional during my visits. The food usually comes out quickly, too. This isn’t a place where you wait 20 minutes between courses.

Quality Italian fare. Check. Reasonable prices. Check. Contemporary setting. Check. Central location. Check. Cerino’s gets my endorsment. Chances are, I’ll be there soon. See you then. Cheers!

Another shot of the bar/lounge

Coming Tuesday: We’re staying in Seven Hill with a visit to Bonchon.

Later next week: Our interviews with interesting Clevelanders begin. We’ll start with a baseball star, project engineer, entrepreneur and model, all in on one.

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